Basia Jaworska

“…Would it that I could inherit some of you then I would possess an ever-living ancestral spirit bound to other worlds…

I choose to paint what moves me. The chase to capture my subject’s elusive spirit begins at the painting’s conception. As I work, music sets the tone and rhythm of the encounter. We wrestle, play, and move together making an indelible connection. Evidence of our soul-dance is the painting be it on canvas, paper, fabric, or wood.

Roots music has had a huge influence on my development as an artist. I pay homage to musicians in my portraiture work as they have given us all the gift of music to make our lives richer. As such, I release them into the world and hope they bring joy to those that resonate with their visual energy.

Inspiration has also been drawn from global travels into exotic lands. My mentors stretch far and wide to whom I give infinite thanks.”

Basia Jaworska, artist and contributing writer to Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, grew up in a small New Jersey town outside of NYC. A trip through Latin America at 20 was the beginning of her passion for travel. The road opened her eyes to a cultural feast– art, music, dance and world history. She credits her global education as her primary teacher of life as an artist.

Basia’s work shows on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, where she resides. She has participated in numerous art exhibits, both solo and group, stretching from California to New Orleans, Newport, R.I. (Jazz Festival) to “Western Mass.”

In addition to musician portraits, her current work includes a multimedia portrait series featuring activists from around the world: “Lives on the Line: Activists, Dissidents, or Agitators?.” Each exhibited portrait is accompanied by an audio track with the subject’s voice and carefully selected music accessed by QRCodes. Basia also recently completed a collection of “March-Art” poster style paintings bringing awareness to socio-political issues plaguing our country today.

Basia enjoys experimenting with paint surfaces be it canvas, wood, glass, ceramics, fabrics, leather, as well as paint mediums. Collaborative projects on stage sets in theater, CD covers, tee shirt designs, mural art, and workshops have inspired her work.

Currently, Basia is expanding her body of work by combining her passion for writing with painting in a graphic novel. Stay tuned.